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See how Mures Tasmania is helping to teach Hobart’s school children about sustainability

Some of our recent awards

Eugene Burgo, Executive Chef of Mures Upper Deck….accepts the challenge!

Mures Lower Deck are creating amazing MONSTER Freak Shakes – have you tried one yet?

Mures have made it into Gourmet Traveller! (March 2017 edition)


It’s Official! Mures Upper Deck, Best Seafood Restaurant – THA Awards for Excellence 2016!

Will Mure with THA Award for Excellence

Eugene Burgo, Executive Chef at Mures Upper Deck

Eugene Burgo


Congratulations Varun Ketharpal –  Employee of the Year at the THA 2016 Awards for ExcellenceIMG_8341

Restaurant & Catering Association 2016 Awards for Excellence

Mures Tasmania, Best People Produce Place Tourism Awards

Mures Tasmania – Best Consumer Awards (People’s Choice)

Will & Jude Mure